CNN Data Reporter Puts Trump's Bad News Into Terms Even He Can Understand

Harry Enten ran the numbers on Trump's dismal fundraising so far.

Donald Trump is falling way behind President Joe Biden in the fundraising game ― and one CNN reporter shows just what he would have to do to catch up based on some of his current activities.

Last month, the Biden campaign reported $71 million cash on hand, more than double the $33.5 million reported by the Trump campaign. Biden on top of that raised $25 million in a single fundraiser in New York on Thursday.

Trump, on the other hand, this week started hawking a $60 Bible.

“He would need to sell more than 400,000 of those to reach $25 million,” CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten said on Thursday.

Trump earlier this year unveiled another odd gimmick: $399 sneakers.

“He would have to sell approximately 62,657 of them,” Enten said.

Things could start looking up for Trump, financially: He is planning a fundraiser in Florida next month that he hopes will bag $33 million, topping even the $25 million from Biden’s New York event.

“So that’s why he’s looking forward to that big fundraiser next month,” Enten said, “Because simply put, this type of stuff, this gimmicky stuff, ain’t gonna get him there.”

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