Col Allan Apologizes For New York Post's Terrible Boston Coverage ... Or Does He?

Col Allan Apologizes For New York Post's Terrible Boston Coverage ... Or Does He?

If you found in your copy of Friday morning's New York Post a letter from the paper's editor-in-chief, Col Allan, expressing "regret" over the Post's "intentionally misleading and harmful" coverage of the Boston bombing, you might have thought, well, that's appropriate, but I didn't see that coming given the fact that Allan wasn't apologetic yesterday, for his paper's astounding failures during this trying week.

Also, you may have gone on to think, this letter is unusually eloquent for a man who essentially has nothing but cheap gin and trash pulled from the East River sloshing around inside his skull.

Well, allow me to penetrate the mystery: The letter of apology tucked inside your copy of the Post did not come from Allan, it came from the folks at puckish New York City news and culture website Animal New York, doing the whole "identity correction" thing and penning the apology that New Yorkers deserve to have, which reads in part:

This week, the New York Post acted recklessly and with flagrant disregard for the principles of good journalism. I'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to our readers, to the people of Boston, and to the three men who were mistakenly investigated as suspects.

You can read the whole letter of apology here. The video above, from Animal, explains how they did what they did. (Hat Tip: Dan Amira/Daily Intel)

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