Colbert Praises Concealed-Carry Clothing On 'The Colbert Report' (VIDEO)

The Colbert Report

Remember that time the New York Times told us "companies are rushing to meet the demand for concealed-carry clothing," i.e. clothes you can hide your gun in?

You (and we) might have thought the idea ridiculous. But there is one person who is totally on board with the latest weapon-hiding styles: Stephen Colbert. On Monday night's "The Colbert Report," concealed-carry fashion was praised -- "Finally, the hand gun meets the Tim Gunn."

Of course, it's not exactly Tim Gunn-level fashion. We're talking baggy khakis, the kind with extra pockets. "At last," said Colbert, "we can stop being scared of people wearing hoodies and start being scared of people wearing button-downs and khakis."

We always knew we were scared of pleated chinos. Now we have a legit reason.

Watch Colbert heap praises on all the latest concealed-carry fashions... and check out the actual stuff below.

Concealed-Carry Clothing

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