Cory Gardner Fundraiser To Be Hosted By BP Lobbyist Dan Meyer

BP Lobbyist To Host Fundraiser For Cory Gardner This Week

In the wake of the greatest environmental catastrophe in U.S. history, even the appearance of sympathy for BP has been seen as potentially career-threatening. That, however, isn't stopping Colorado congressional candidate Cory Gardner from accepting money raised by the disgraced oil giant's lobbyists.

From the Sunlight Foundation's Party Time blog:

On Thursday, June 24, Dan Meyer, a lobbyist for BP, is listed as one of several hosts for a Thursday $1,000-a-plate luncheon at the boutique Hotel George in downtown Washington. Meyer, who's with the Duberstein Group, was the Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs under George W. Bush in 2007-2008.

The fundraiser will benefit Colorado candidate Cory Gardner, who is in a tight race with incumbent Betsy Markey, D, Colo...

...The lunch also includes other energy lobbyists and industry players, including representatives from Koch Industries, whose political action committee is also listed as a host.

Gardner, a State Rep. from Yuma, recently canceled a fundraiser with Iowa Rep. Steve King after King made controversial remarks regarding President Obama and race.

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