Courteney Cox Playing With The 'Which Friends Character Are You?' Filter Has Us DOA

The actor posted a video on Instagram telling fans that she thought she was "gonna be Ugly Naked Guy for sure!"

Could Courteney Cox be any better at Instagram?

On Tuesday, the actor posted a video of herself on the platform playing with the new “Friends” filter, which plays the show’s theme song, “I’ll Be There For You,” while shuffling through the six friends ― Monica, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel and Joey ― before randomly selecting one that identifies you.

In Cox’s video, she laughs along as the filter selects her as every single “friend” before finally landing on the one she made famous, the Monica Geller.

“Finally got Monica...thought I was gonna be Ugly Naked Guy for sure! #IdentityCrisis” wrote the 55-year-old in the caption.

Some fans shared how funny they thought the video was in the comments, while others ― like Jennifer Garner ― expressed how anxious the whole thing made them:


We were stressed too, Jen. Luckily, all is right with the world and Courteney got Monica in the end.

Cox’s most recent video is just another reminder of how fun it is to follow her on Instagram if you’re a “Friends” fan. She often posts photos with former castmates and makes everyone wish they were part of the gang.

Even if the show is no longer on Netflix, we know at least Courteney will always be there for us.