CVS Still Sells Oreos, But Wants You To Walk More To Find Them

And, hey, maybe you'll get distracted by some healthy food along the way.
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

CVS is trying to place more emphasis on foods that are good for you by shifting around some of the snacks it offers in its stores.

Known primarily for its pharmacy division, the retailer is revamping retail locations, moving junk food like Oreos to the back of stores and placing by the cash registers snacks that still pass as healthy, like Kind bars, according to a feature Fortune published on Friday.

The reorganization might still need some fine-tuning, though. The Food and Drug Administration earlier this year said high levels of saturated fat present in some Kind bars violate "healthy" labeling requirements.

Nevertheless, these changes are another step in CVS' gradual transformation into a more health-conscious entity.

Last year, the company changed its name to CVS Health from CVS Caremark and stopped selling tobacco products. Revenue jumped after the rebranding. It still takes in most of its revenue from its drug services and is currently the largest health care-related company in the country.

In June, it began adding fresh foods and healthy snacks to its shelves. Many of its candy offerings moved deeper into stores, while nuts and granola were featured more prominently in the first aisle.

And it still has plans to grow. CVS will acquire Target's pharmacies and clinics in a $1.9 billion deal.

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