Introducing 'D Is For Desire,' HuffPost's New Love And Sex Podcast

Sex witches, the joys of period sex, and more. Listen to a preview of the incredible stories headed your way.
"'D Is For Desire" is HuffPost's new podcast about love, sex and relationships
"'D Is For Desire" is HuffPost's new podcast about love, sex and relationships

Sex witches. A man who not only loves period sex, but feels more alive when he has it. A doctor dedicating his life to performing plastic surgery on assholes. And a woman in a 20-year marriage, even though she’s never experienced romantic attraction.

These are just a few of the people you’ll meet when “D Is For Desire,” a brand new podcast from HuffPost, debuts on June 26.

Each week host Noah Michelson explores all kinds of sticky questions about love and sex and relationships that might be lurking in your head, your heart or your pants, exploring angles you could have never imagined in health class.

He speaks with real people, as well as experts, who share their incredibly personal stories in the hope of offering new ways of approaching, thinking about and experiencing desire and all that comes with it. 

Listen to a trailer for the podcast to learn more about the incredible stories headed your way:

The first episode of “D Is For Desire,” “Dr. Asshole,” which tells the story of a plastic surgeon dedicated to transforming the lives ― and anuses ― of his patients, premieres Friday, June 26. Subscribe below!

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“D Is For Desire” is produced and edited by Nick Offenberg, Sara Patterson, Becca DeGregorio and Noah Michelson. Have a question or a comment about the show or a story you think might make a good episode? Send us an email at