Daft Signz: Street Sign Spinning Is A New Art Form (VIDEO)

Commercialism Meets Art

Spinning a street sign on the side of a highway has long been a right of passage for entrepreneurial high-schoolers across America. Many have been speculating about the future of the trade in light of a growing trend of robotic alternatives. But it's doubtful a robot could compete with a new phenomenon emerging out of California.

Daft Signz is a group of L.A. based sign spinners, who've taken sign spinning to a new, genuinely artistic level. They have combined the simple act of sign twirling with elaborate moves of highly skilled street performers. In a recently released video by Randall Stevens Industries, four spinners identified as Erik Argote, Kadeem Johnson, Justin Brown and Ray Rivera perform to Daft Punk's "Lose Yourself To Dance," off the hit Random Access Memories record. Show us a robot that can stop a crowd like that.

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