Days of Inspiration for the New Year!

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"Every so often I bump into stone walls and I have to pick myself up and climb over them." -- Vivien Leigh

Without tenacity you'll give up at the first hurdle. Or the forth. Or the 50th. And there will be many hurdles and, the tricky bit of it is, you don't know how many. It'd be a whole lot easier if you got a list at the beginning of your life so you knew in advance just how much tenacity you'd need to make it. Of course, that would rather defeat the point.

While I was wandering through the desert of disappointment -- getting rejection after rejection for my writing -- I loved watching films and reading books about people who never, ever gave up and ended up winning against all the odds, especially if it was a true story. But, even if it wasn't, I was still inspired to carry on.

You know those actors who get paid outrageous sums to star in films? Well, if they endured years and years of obscurity before hitting it big, then I think they've earned it. Because tenacity is a trait that should be rewarded. Along with courage, faith and hope. I do think they should give a good deal of it to charity, but I don't begrudge them one dollar. Those film stars are an inspiration, a demonstration of what's possible if! You simply keep climbing over every stone wall you bump into.