D.C. Destroyed On Film: Attacks From Aliens, Terrorists And Climate Change!

LOOK: D.C. Has Been Destroyed! On Film! A Lot!

D.C. is not under attack. The White House is perfectly fine. An earthquake did not shake the city on April 1, 2013. An earthquake did not destroy the Washington Monument. That last sentence is only partially true.

We're in the midst of a D.C. destroyed on film craze. Gerard Butler is currently busy saving President Aaron Eckhart in "Olympus Has Fallen." In a few months Channing Tatum will have to save President Jamie Foxx in "White House Down." If it wasn't clear from the titles, both of these movies blow up at least part of the White House.

The Nation's Capital has been a favorite destinations for filmmakers to destroy. Whether it's aliens in the 50s, Superman's peers in the 80s, aliens in the 90s or robots in disguise in the 10s, D.C. has been on fire.

Click through the slideshow for some of our favorite moments of D.C. destruction

"White House Down" (2013)

D.C. Under Attack

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