Dear People of France

"Man's endeavors to control nature by his powers to alter and to destroy would inevitably evolve into a war against himself, a war he would lose unless he came to terms with nature."

- Rachel Carson

Dear People of France,

All good people of conscience stand in solidarity with you in this time of sorrow. Do not flinch from the ideals for which we strive. For in our morning, we must find the strength to rebound seamlessly to honor the lives of those who have fallen.

If our intent as a world society is to fall into obscurity, so be it. But, if our intent is to attain the ideals of a more perfect union, to live in brotherhood, sisterhood, and the flourishing of all beings that inhabit this planet, then we must not deviate from those goals.

Our fate rests on the decisions we make today. Let us not be distracted by perverted ideologies which seek to rule our destiny. All who yearn for a better world; stand firm. For, there are trying times ahead.

Let your fair city, "The City of Light" shine forth, ever brighter, to be the Beacon of the World. Much hope rests on the outcome of UN Climate Talks, to begin later this month in Paris. Let us redouble our efforts to sustain the cradle from which we arose.

Those of us the world over collectively grieve the tragic and senseless loss which took the lives of 129 of our brothers and sisters. Let us honor those who have lost their lives by setting our course toward the horizon of a new renaissance.

Mike DeLeonardis