Dear Twitter, Its Time To Suspend Donald Trump

Dear Twitter,

I’m sure you never imagined one day you’d have to disable the account of a sitting American President, but here we are.

The most powerful person in the entire world is violating you.

Perhaps you were trying to keep your head down as you ignored the problem, but just like the person that knows about someone’s bad behavior and does nothing about it, you eventually become more than just complicit, you become an enabler. 

When you decided it was ok for @RealDonaldTrump to blatantly violate Twitter Rules, people suffered in real ways.

Finally today you did something that made people take notice of your role in all of this abuse. By silencing @RoseMcGowan a parallel was made that could not have been more clear. A powerful man gets called out by a less powerful woman. And who gets silenced?

By silencing this one account, you Twitter reminded us of how difficult it is to come out against the most powerful among us.

Soon after her account came back online @RoseMcGowan tweeted out a picture of Anita Hill. In case you don’t know, Anita Hill, she is a hero whose testimony changed the world for all people who have faced abuse and she is the emblem for this fight.

History will remember your choice now. You and only you can disable @RealDonaldTrump

Hold this account to the standard to which you hold all other accounts.



#BoycottTwitter #WomenBoycottTwitter #SuspendRealDonaldTrump