Disneyland Behind-The-Scenes Photos Show The Park From A Cast Member's View (PHOTOS)

The behind-the-scenes goings on at Disney parks are, for the most part, an enigma. Sure there are tours that go "backstage" if you will, but even those only go so far.

But, thanks to imgur user stoopidtrooper, we mere mortals can catch a glimpse of what Disneyland cast members get to see, from lights on at the Haunted Mansion, to a Jungle Cruise drained of its water.

The user doesn't give much background about the photos and his relationship to Disney, except for what's detailed in the captions. (Though, The Daily Mail posits that they were taken in the 80s and 90s.)

Check out some of our favorite shots below, and then head on over to stoopidtrooper's imgur page for the whole treasure trove of photos.

Also, check out these old-school shots of Disney World's Epcot to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year.

"Hippo on Jungle Cruise"

"Jungle Cruise track"

"On the pirate ship in the main room"

"The pirate bed(supposedly the skull on the back of the bed is REAL)"

"The famous whistle scene from behind"