Don Lemon Explains Why He Told An Alleged Cosby Victim To Use Her Teeth 'As A Weapon'

CNN host Don Lemon inspired fury in November when he asked an alleged rape victim why she didn't use her teeth to fight back during forced oral sex.

Joan Tarshis had accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, which she was discussing on CNN.

In a new interview with GQ, Lemon explains why he told Tarshis that "there are ways not to perform oral sex if you didn't want to do it" and suggested she use her teeth as a "weapon."

When I ask Lemon about his interview with the alleged Cosby victim and why he asked about the “usage of the teeth,” he gives me a long answer about how the incident started a conversation about sex abuse. But it didn’t do that, I tell him -- it started a conversation about people who say the wrong thing to victims of sexual abuse. And shouldn’t he have known better? After all, he was a victim, too. He smiles and shrugs and eats his food. Later, after dessert, I ask him again, and finally I get the real answer: Lemon tells me that when he was a child and was being forced to perform oral sex on his abuser, he told that fucker that the next time, he’d bite his dick off, and that’s when Don Lemon stopped getting molested.

Lemon detailed his experience with sexual abuse in his 2011 memoir, Transparent.