Don Lemon

The CNN anchor taunted “very small, tiny” Trump over the one place where he can still spread disinformation.
"Everybody calm down," the "CNN Tonight" anchor said in a video clarifying his on-air comments.
Don Lemon lost his cool after Chris Cuomo asked commentator Rick Santorum about recent racist comments.
The CNN host was seething over Santorum and not too pleased with Cuomo, either.
The Fox News personality's latest incendiary comments came under the spotlight from the "CNN Tonight" anchor.
“The hypocrisy and the doublespeak and the shiny objects and the lying continues," lamented the CNN anchor.
"Why not get married, why not fall in love and have all the happiness that everybody else is entitled to?" the CNN anchor asked on the "Tamron Hall Show."
The CNN anchor urged viewers to “think of the time that someone’s knee is on your neck and stopping you from breathing."
"Don’t play ‘good guy with a gun’ for your campaign ad while Americans are dying. Don’t play politics with our lives," urged the CNN anchor.
The GOP and its base “are still under the spell of a disgraced, twice-impeached, one-term president," lamented the CNN anchor.