Ann Coulter Tore Into Trump And He Went All Passive-Aggressive With Her On Twitter

The controversial right-wing pundit called Trump "gutless" and the notoriously thin-skinned president apparently couldn't handle it.

President Donald Trump may like to dish it out on Twitter, with seemingly no one immune from being attacked in one of his “executive time” tweetstorms.

But it seems as if the notoriously thin-skinned president can’t exactly take it, if his reaction to controversial conservative pundit Ann Coulter calling him “gutless” for failing to deliver on his promise of constructing a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border is any indication.

According to the @TrumpsAlert Twitter account, which tracks Trump family activity on the social media platform, Trump either pettily unfollowed or blocked Coulter ― who up until now has been one of his staunchest supporters ― in the wake of her blog post.

Trump did not appear to make any public statement or social media post on Coulter’s criticism, however, or his decision to drop his following tally from 46 to 45.

Those followed by the president now include members of his family, administration and primetime hosts of Fox News, like Tucker Carlson, who caused controversy last week by claiming immigrants are making America “dirtier.”

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