Donald Trump Spews Outrageous Theory On Why He Claims Joe Biden Does Cocaine

The former president's blowhard claim that the White House cocaine belonged to Joe Biden just got more unhinged.

Donald Trump piled on to his wild claim that the cocaine found in the White House belonged to Joe Biden, suggesting the president took the drug to pep himself up before speeches. (Watch the video below.)

“Because you watch Joe at the beginning of a speech and he’s got a little life ― not much ― but by the end of the speech, he’s a disaster,” Trump told “Real America’s Voice” host Wayne Allyn Root on Thursday. “He can’t find his way off the stage. So, there’s something going on there.”

The former president said the stash was likely the property of both the president and his son, Hunter Biden. The president and his family were out of town the weekend a bag of cocaine was discovered in a cubby where White House visitors and staff keep their personal items.

Root, a conspiracy theorist who wrote the book “Trump Rules,” seconded Trump’s baseless notions, saying Biden’s handlers before each speech or interview “probably need to give him something to juice him up.”

“I think they bump him up,” Trump agreed. “And we can’t have a president on cocaine who’s dealing with nuclear weapons and everything else.”

Trump then tailed off into saying Biden has never been at the top of the game mentally compared to other world leaders.

The Secret Service said Thursday it could not find a culprit and was closing its investigation.

Trump previously suggested that Biden was coked up and that it played a role in the FBI raid to recover classified documents at Mar-a-Lago and for the indictments of Trump in the documents case and for the hush-money payments to a porn star.

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