Donald Trump Jr. And Robert Mueller's Close Airport Encounter Is Now A Meme

"Jr. talking into his cell phone with no call to feel less awkward."

Donald Trump Jr. was captured on camera waiting for a flight near the same airport gate as special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday, and tweeters had a field day.

POLITICO shared the above snap of President Donald Trump’s eldest son standing and talking on a cell phone at Gate 35X of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, just yards away from the man who is probing alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible Trump campaign collusion.

Trump Jr. confirmed to the Daily Mail it was himself in the photograph but said he “didn’t notice” Mueller nearby. Mueller’s office, meanwhile, confirmed to ABC News he was in the shot but was “not aware” of Trump Jr. and had “no interaction with him.”

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t stop tweeters ― including the team from”The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” ― from bringing the gags: