Donald Trump Eats His Steak With Ketchup, And Twitter Isn't Happy

That's a $54 piece of meat.
Donald Trump eating a piece of steak.
Stephen Lovekin via Getty Images
Donald Trump eating a piece of steak.

Most people who order a 28-day dry-aged steak that costs over $50 will relish it for the carefully prepared piece of meat that it is. But Donald Trump? He’s likely to order it well done and with a side of ketchup.

According to the Independent Journal Review, that’s just what the president did when dining out at BLT Steak by David Burke in D.C. on Saturday night. We’ve long known that Trump likes his steak well done, which according to experts in the food world is simply the wrong way to order meat. But eating it with ketchup just adds insult to injury.

Ketchup, a beloved condiment among children, has a powerfully sweet flavor. So strong that it overpowers other foods, such as the subtle umami flavors that can only be found in a $54 28-day dry-aged steak. Considering the other things we’ve learned that Trump eats, we’re not entirely surprised. But we are disappointed. And we aren’t the only ones. Twitter was outraged.

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