Don't Get Caught With Your Pants Down While Buying The Pot In An Alley

According to Fox 45 Now, a classy upstanding citizen was robbed & assaulted in an alley by her drug dealer, Tutu after asking him to turn away while she urinated.

This is a terrible, tragic situation here. If you can't trust your weed dealer not to smash you over the head with a toilet lid and rob you while you urinate in an alley during a drug deal who can you trust? What's next? Your masseuse water boarding you for taking a dump while getting a happy ending? Getting shot by your partner for smoking inside the bank you two are robbing? This world gets worse every day. There is no honor among thieves any more. However, I do have to give credit to the police who decided to charge her for admitting this happened during a drug deal. That literally adds insult to well deserved injury. We can all learn some lessons from this. Number 1, don't piss in an alley during a drug deal. Number 2, don't call the police when your drug deal goes wrong. We can only hope that Tutu was only trying to knock some sense into her.