Some Dude Made His Own 'South Park,' And It's Spot On

The boys try to earn merit badges in a killer parody.

Even if "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone don't have a job for animator and comedy writer Patrick McCarthy, they can at least know they have a kindred spirit.

McCarthy created his own "South Park" mini-episode, and it's a hit. The clip has been building momentum since McCarthy posted it on YouTube earlier in the summer.

"[It's] intended to be a mini spec script that I went ahead and animated as well," McCarthy told The Huffington Post on Tuesday.

"Scout's Honor," described as a "parody of police brutality and white privilege," begins with a heinous crime committed by the Boy Scouts. That turns the innocent merit badge-seeking Stan and the rest of the gang into targets of public scorn.

And, of course, Kenny must pay the ultimate price.

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