South Park

The show delivered a message directly to viewers urging political action.
Thank goodness "The Simpsons" didn't diddly-do this.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone tweeted that "like the NBA," "South Park" loves "money more than freedom and democracy."
An enhanced image from the Juno mission shows a big brown spot on the gas giant.
It's reportedly the first unbleeped usage of the vulgarity on the long-running cartoon.
Two black women had broken down by roadside when a white woman started to threaten and harass them.
The Comedy Central show has launched the #CancelTheSimpsons hashtag.
Mr. Hankey is on the hot seat at a hearing and it all looks very familiar.
That's one way to promote your long-running cartoon.
Those wishing to contribute to neighborhoods need to do so without infringing on the established culture.