Edwards Sex Tape, Love Child Drama Revealed By Andrew Young, Author Of 'The Politician' (VIDEO)

"The Politician", Andrew Young's incendiary new book about John Edwards, hits stores today, and Young was on "Good Morning America" this morning to talk about the scandals that the book exposes in intimate detail. Young reveals that Edwards had asked him to claim paternity of the child that Edwards had with mistress Rielle Hunter. Young on his decision to claim the baby:

Was is wrong for us to do it? Was it a huge mistake? Yes. But you also have to understand that we were given twelve hours to make this decision. We deeply loved John and Elizabeth Edwards. We deeply believed in his causes.

Young also discussed the sex tape that he allegedly uncovered, of Edwards and a woman Young thinks but is not certain is Hunter. Hunter is now suing to regain possession of the tape. Though Young would not say much about the video ("I'll let my lawyer handle that," he repeated), he claimed that he found it in a box of trash, not, as Hunter claims, in a box of her personal possessions. When asked why he refused to give Hunter the tape, all Young replied was that he wasn't certain that it was actually her in the video. He also defended his possession of the sex tape, claiming that, though he had been offered a "gigantic" sum of money to sell it, he had not.


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