Edwards Staff Had Affair "Doomsday" Strategy (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Joe Trippi, former top aide to John Edwards, told CNN Monday that the "doomsday" story is is "complete bullshit."

"No one that I know had such a plan, I wasn't involved in a plan like that, it didn't exist, it's a fantasy," Trippi said in a phone interview.

* * * * *

On "This Week" Sunday, ABC's George Stephanopolous revealed that some on John Edwards' staff had devised a "doomsday" strategy to sabotage the campaign should he get close to the Democratic nomination.

ABC contributor George Will suggested former Sen. John Edwards was irresponsible to continue fighting for the Democratic Party nomination while having an affair.

"Think about what a tragedy it would have been if he had won?" Will said.

Stephanopolous then said that while many on the candidate's staff were oblivious, members of Edwards' inner circle had started to believe the affair rumors. The group secretly agreed to bring down their boss if it looked like he was going to win the nomination -- a "doomsday strategy" to "blow it up."

"They were Democrats first," Stephanopolous said.



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