28 Products So Effective Reviewers Called Them A 'Miracle'

A cleaning paste, callus remover, allergy spray, and more problem-solving finds that'll make you a believer.

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A TikTok-famous pink cleaning paste
It's made up of cleaning beads suspended in a gel, so it'll grind away at tough stains without damaging the surface beneath. It's suitable for use on most hard surfaces like ceramic tiles, barbecues, pots, pans, and more!Promising review: "I used this product for my stove because it's one thing I dislike like cleaning. I have used multiple degreaser sprays and they all are so toxic and don't work for me. The Magic Eraser was OK but I used several at a time and I had to scrub so hard. But this product oh my goodness, legit a miracle. It doesn't have any type of smell. I put the paste on a cloth, clean the area then wipe it off with a damp cloth and voilà magic!" — May
A bottle of professional-grade callus-removing gel
Just presoak feet, apply the gel, let sit for 5 to 10 minutes, and rinse! It's recommended you go back in afterward with a foot file just to make sure no residue or dead skin is left behind.

Promising review: "This is a miracle worker. It is powerful, so be sure to follow the directions as you only apply to areas needing treatment, not over the entire foot surface or bottom of it. Usually, I use cuticle softener to soak feet in and remove calluses, however now I'll use this first, then follow up with a cuticle softener soak. Takes all the scrubbing out of the pedicure and only need now to freshen surface skin." — Rebecca E
An affordable teeth-whitening pen
Promising review: "I ordered this product based on the reviews and, I hate to say it, it's absolutely working miracles. I can see the difference in just three days. Definitely recommend. Not hard to set up — easy and quick. I personally don't have any sensitivity on my teeth and have been using it for about seven days." — Lorena
A pair of incredibly versatile high-waisted leggings
A testament to these stretchy wonders — tons of reviewers say these leggings have been by their side before, during, and after pregnancy! Be sure to check out the size chart before ordering! "One Size" is recommended if you usually wear a S–L, while "One Size Plus" is recommended for sizes XL–XXL.

Promising review: "Best leggings ever! A good combination of softness and sleekness — and they don’t break the bank. That on top of the fact that they supposedly could fit almost any woman and retain their comfort makes these leggings a miracle. Literally, the only complaint I have about these is just that the high-waisted band doesn’t always stay tight around your waist, but that’s to be expected when they’re super comfortable and can be worn multiple days in a row." — Jordan Thomas
A screen cleaner kit
Screen Mom is a a small business creating gentle, streak-free cleaning solutions for all your screens that are odorless and free of abrasive chemicals.
The set includes the spray and an extra-large, scratch-free microfiber cloth. The formula has no alcohol, ammonia, or harmful phosphates and will gently clean HDTVs, PC monitors, Kindle Fire, tablet, laptops, smartphones, Apple Mac products, iPhones, and more!

Promising review: "A miracle! I've been looking for this product all my life! I have a nice 42-inch smart TV that I hate cleaning. Every product I used left streaks everywhere so I'd use more and rub and rub... Make sure your screen is cool and spray an ample amount on the cloth provided and smear it everywhere. Then flip the cloth and rub it off. I think this is truly one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern history. They give you a huge can of this stuff and a quality cloth." — Paul Wedero
A bleach-free Wet & Forget shower cleaner
Promising review: "I’m really glad I read the reviews prior to using this product: because if you’re looking for a product that will deep clean in one application — this isn’t it. After the first time, I saw a big difference, but it wasn’t until after the second or third application that all the soap scum was gone and my shower was squeaky clean. I didn’t have to scrub or do anything more than spray then rinse with water prior to getting into the shower the next day. It’s a miracle worker, seriously! And the scent is very pleasant, with no harsh chemical smell at all. I would absolutely recommend, with the precursor to give it a couple applications to work its magic." — G. Baird
A handy bite suction tool
You can also use it to treat bites and stings from bees, wasps, biting flies, no-see-ums, chiggers, and sea lice.

Promising review: "This little gadget is a miracle worker for bug bites! I was a skeptic until I tried it as I get attacked by bugs or any type of bugs outdoors. And my bites get so puffy as I’m pretty much allergic to all bugs. I used this little 'sucker' and it totally did what it promised! No need for creams and ointments for me! Totally worth the purchase...I got some for my parents too and they love it! Easy to use and it works!" — Mrs D
An immunity-boosting allergy supplement for your dog
Promising review: "I cannot say enough about this product. We have a medium size Shih Tzu mix who has awful skin allergies. We switched to a grain-free diet and tried another brand of allergy chews that did absolutely nothing for her. She was itching so hard she was starting to make herself bleed. The poor thing could never get comfortable before she would jump up and start scratching at herself again. Before taking her back to the vet, and paying the expensive costs of the allergy medication they were recommending, I kept hearing about these bites and decided to give it a try. Within a week, her itching started slowing down and within two weeks, I kid you not, she has stopped itching completely. It was a miracle. We are almost at the end of our first bottle and even her discolored-looking skin has cleared up. Thankfully it looks like we have finally found a solution. Thank you!!" — Nicole
A pack of 40 acne patches
Promising review: "I have tried other acne patches...expensive ones, name brand ones, Instagram-influenced ones...none have worked quite like these. As others have said, they are so thin and transparent that I can wear them in public (in fact, I just did) and nobody can tell. I'm nearing my 40s and have begun to develop cystic acne and EVERYTHING I've tried just would not help it. These little miracle workers Houdini'd my stubborn spots within two days. I cannot recommend them enough. Do yourself a favor and try them out, you won't be disappointed." — Kristin
A stainless-steel foot file
Promising review: "Godsend. Miracle. Life-changing product. After a rough pregnancy, followed by inadequate self-care (cuz ya know, mom life), these 'dogs were barking.' (The Office reference!) I’ve used all kinds of foot products the last few months (ones MUCH more expensive, too) and this — in just a few minutes — changed the way I walk, feel, and live my life. I’m a barefoot beauty now, more confident without cracked, crusty heels and ready for beach day any day. After using it, I literally sent pictures of my feet to other crusty-footed friends to make them buy this. I will spare you the graphics, but please, do your feet a favor. They do a lot for you." — Stephanie
A powerful mold and mildew stain cleaner
Promising review: "I was to the point of having my shower retiled when I discovered this product. I got a grout brush and cleaned my shower the best I could like always and there were still mildew and mold stains on the grout and the seals. After I rinsed and dried my shower, I used this product. It was like a miracle! After about five hours, I rinsed my shower. It looks AMAZING! Almost like new! My home is over 50 years old and this shower looks clean and in great shape! Thank you so much for this product. I will always keep a bottle on hand for touch-ups. It is the best I have ever seen." — J. Shaw
A powerful 2% BHA salicylic acid exfoliant
Promising review: "I used this on my face first. It took a little while to dry but afterward my usually bumpy skin was so so soft. So I decided to try it on my bumpy arms caused by keratosis pilaris. HOLY MOLY it made my arms smooth too!!! Seriously just after ONE application of using this my skin is so much smoother. I feel like I’ve found a miracle product. Also, this is probably the longest review I’ve written. This is by far the best product I’ve EVER found!" — HollyM
A concentrated allergen spray
Allergy Asthma Cleaning Store is a family-owned business making safe cleaning goods for the whole family. If you suffer from pet allergies, it's recommended you spray this daily. For dust mite allergies, try three times a week.

Promising review: "This stuff is a miracle. I sneezed every single morning when I woke up until I start spraying this item in my bedroom. I have not sneezed since. In my opinion, it definitely rids or neutralizes the cat dander. I highly recommend this product." — William H. Houseworth
A pack of dishwasher-cleaning tablets
Promising review: "I accidentally spilled watered down house paint into my dishwasher and spent hours scrubbing with everything imaginable. Nothing worked. These came in the mail and I didn’t expect much but these were a miracle! I ran twice and the paint residue is gone. I am so happy and would recommend this to anyone. Amazing!" — Amazon customer
An interactive dancing cat toy
Promising review: "This little toy is a miracle! Was skeptical at first since it’s such a simple design but my cat (who usually only plays for a couple of minutes) was obsessed with this toy from the moment I opened the package. Even more, he won’t let it out of his sight and brings it to me so he can play some more. Will be buying a lot more of these in the future!" — Amcooper2006
A double-sided hairbrush cleaning brush
Promising review: "This brush cleaner is very cool. Opened up package and went to every bathroom and used this miracle tool on every brush! Works great and fast! Great price! Highly recommend." — Kimmycakes
A pack of multipurpose dermaplaning razors
Promising review: "These are nothing short of a miracle! After years of waxing, bleaching, electrolysis, laser treatments, etc. I came across these and took a chance on them, after all, what did I have to lose? I have been battling facial hair for sooooo long and nothing has worked in any lasting way. I used these and they left my face so smooth and soft! I was worried about the hair growing back thicker like everyone says it will. This was NOT the case for me at all. My teenage daughter uses these on her face, legs, etc and loves them. They are not painful. Highly recommend!" — Liv's mom
AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed
A hecka durable duck chew toy
Promising review: "This toy is awesome! Buster the chewer has destroyed all plush toys he’s ever encountered within days if not hours but this one has lived three months with barely any damage. He brings it to bed every night and plays fetch with it all the time and it still is whole with stuffing inside — this is a miracle plush toy! Highly recommend! It’s not indestructible by any means but has some weird magic that has kept him from destroying :)" — ADeg414
Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed
A jewelry cleaning pen
Promising review: "I wish I took before and after pics! I had no idea how disgusting my ring was until I used this — what a MIRACLE product! I can’t take my ring off easily, and this made it so I can get my ring back to the original brilliance so easily. I should have gotten the multipack as I will be using this often for the rest of my life!!" — renae abel
A reusable pumice stone
Promising review: "This thing is a straight-up miracle. I've had brownish hard water rings around the inside (water level) of my toilets for decades. Bon Ami, CLR, muriatic acid, scrubbing, swearing...nothing worked. Finally, in a fit of disgust, I ordered the pumice. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to get this long ago. The stains are gone for the first time in forever. Haven't scratched the toilet bowl as far as I can see. If you've got hard water stains, don't worry about chemicals...just get this thing and in about 10 minutes you will be as delighted as I am, and not embarrassed to have people in your bathroom anymore." — JS
A set of bedsheet fasteners
Promising review: "Let me tell you, these things are a game-changer. Between my husband and 70-pound dog, I was having to fix the sheets multiple times a day. Hate the look of exposed mattress on beds. Put these miracle suspenders on a few days ago and sheets are still perfectly tucked in. Definitely recommend looking at the photos and following the one user who attached them first and then tucked it in. So easy!" — Brittier
A silicone-free L'Oreal moisturizing treatment
Shine in a silicone-free product?! Dreams really do come true.

Promising review: "I love this product. I cannot believe how it tackled the frizz in my naturally fine hair. It really improved the definition of my color and the shine and the overall texture is revitalized. I have major issues with frizz and need detangling. My hair is dry from multiple color treatments and damaged hair. I feel like I just went to the salon, and for this price, it is truly a miracle product." — siobhan
A bottle of wine drops
Promising review: "OMG, can't believe I've lived without this product. If you like wine, you've got to try this. Drop It is a big miracle in a little bottle. The all-natural ingredients do not change the taste of any wine and it absolutely does work as advertised. I love, love, love Drop It and highly recommend trying it." — Pati
A bottle of nail and cuticle care oil
Promising review: "I wash my hands more times in a day than I can count with antibacterial soap. We all know that kind of soap dries your hands out pretty quickly if you use it regularly, especially the cuticles. This *miracle* cuticle oil keeps my dry, peeling, and/or cracked cuticles moisturized when I remember to use it. I try to use it at least once a day if not more. It is the best oil I have found that actually works, and it smells great too!" — Brianna
A pack of bottle-cleaning tablets
Promising review: "OMG this is a miracle bottle cleaner! I bought this in a last-ditch attempt to save my favorite tea bottle. I thought I would have to throw it out due to severe stains and build-up that was affecting the taste of my tea. Well, I could not believe how much stuff came out when I used this product. Not only did it turn my brown stained bottle back to its shiny and silver color, but it also dislodged black debris from the cap and top. Again, gross! I used boiling hot water when I used the tablet. I let it sit for 45 minutes. Super easy! I will be using this product regularly to clean all of our coffee or tea bottles." — Mel
A patented pet hair remover
ChomChom Rolleris a Massachusetts-based small biz creating an eco-friendly, reusable alternative to sticky lint rollers.

Promising reviews: "This is by far the most favorite thing that I have purchased on Amazon — and I've purchased a lot of items! If you have a cat or dog that sheds, you will want this. I have two cats that I brush daily. There is still hair around my house. I have a spot on the floor that I brush them on, and then I roll the ChomChom roller over that area and the hair is easily picked up. This product is not good for small places, cracks, and crevices. It is a miracle worker on large flat surfaces. I can roll over my quilt and easily pull off the hair. Do watch the short video on the website to see how to do it and how well it works. I highly recommend this product. I will be buying more for presents for my family and friends that have pets. It is worth every penny!" — Donna H.

Get one from Amazon for $31.95.
A multi-tasking plant-powered vitamin C serum
Check out our TruSkin Vitamin C Serum deep dive for more info!

Promising review: "I wouldn't have believed this unless I tried it myself, but this serum has changed my face in approximately four days. Probably more like overnight. I had developed acne along my jawline about a year ago and nothing has helped. I tried acne medication, not taking acne medication, stopped using toner, changed toner, changed moisturizer, stopped using moisturizer...nothing helped. I also use a new clean washcloth every day and wash my face morning and night. I got this on Monday and today is Saturday and really, almost instantly, the acne has all disappeared. I really am shocked. This stuff is a miracle worker." — HartLink
A silicone-tipped scalp massager
Promising review: "This is a miracle worker!! I’ve had a dry flaky scalp forever. I’ve tried using coconut oil, jojoba oil, hair masks, special shampoos, everything just seemed to kinda mask the problem and didn’t actually get rid of my dead skin. Since I’ve been using this for the last few weeks my hair feels so much better. After the first wash with it, my hair already looked so much healthier and my scalp didn’t feel tight. If you struggle with super tight scalp that always seems sunburned this should help." — Jamie

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