Man Reports ‘Unexploded WWII Bomb’ That Turns Out To Be Zucchini


A man in the German town of Bretten reported finding an unexploded bomb from World War II in his home garden, but his neighbors can rest easy — unless they especially hate vegetables.

The 81-year-old homeowner had contacted officers Friday out of concern he had stumbled upon a decades-old dangerous weapon. It turned out to be a zucchini.

Police from Karlsruhe, a city near Bretten, posted about the incident on Facebook, including a photo of the zucchini in question. Honestly, we can kind of see how the mix-up occurred.

The police themselves even conceded that the nearly 16-inch squash “really did look very like a bomb,” the Associated Press reports. The outlet notes that WWII-era bombs have been unearthed in Germany before, sometimes necessitating evacuations before authorities can defuse them.

According to The Telegraph, police suspect someone had chucked the veggie over the homeowner’s hedge.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the vegetable was an eggplant.

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