Ehud Barak Calls Endless Occupation Apartheid

It's been three years since Jimmy Carter was demonized as anti-Semitic for writing that if Israel maintained the occupation without giving Palestinians full rights, it would become an apartheid state.

And now Israel's hawkish Defense Minister -- and most highly decorated soldier -- agrees.

Speaking at a conference outside Tel Aviv, Barak said, if "millions of Palestinians cannot vote, that will be an apartheid state."

Currently, Israel's democracy applies only within the pre-'67 lines. The millions of Palestinians in the occupied territories have no democratic rights. Barak is saying that Israel must either get out of the territories or be another apartheid South Africa.

Exactly what President Carter said.

Except when Israel's Defense Minister says it, he is also saying that Israel cannot defend itself unless it ends the occupation.

That is why supporters of a secure Israel must oppose the occupation. Thanks, Minister Barak. But then it is easier to speak the truth about the occupation in Israel than here in Washington. You don't have the lobby to deal with.