Eight Reasons to Love a Sagittarius & One Secret they Keep

Eight Reasons to Love a Sagittarius & One Secret they Keep
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If your birthday is between November 22 and December 21, you are born under the sun sign of Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac. This sign is represented by the symbol of the half man, half beast symbol of the Archer who flings his arrows at the scorpion's heart--and the mythological figure of the Centaur (i.e. half man and half beast).

Sagittarius are known to be fun, extroverted, optimistic, curious, truth-seeking people who love sport, adventure, travel as well as intellectual pursuits. Because they are open-minded, they enjoy learning and will wander the world in search of the meaning of life. If you are a Sag, your ruling planet, Jupiter brings you luck, too!

Whether you know a Sagittarius as a friend or lover, you'll find they have many special qualities, and one secret you may not know.

1. They are swashbucklers who love adventure. Sagittarius have the natural curiosity and boundless energy to explore their mind through a philosophy class or discover a third world country by joining the Peace Corp. They are not couch potatoes who sit in front of a TV set. Instead, they prefer being out of in the world, constantly going on excursions and journeys that most people only dream about. If a Sagittarius is your friend, you are in luck because they hate experiencing their adventures alone. They love to have their friends with them to enjoy the experience. That's why they make fabulous travel companions whether it's jetting off to the perfect weekend getaway or partaking in an all-day bike hike into the mountains.

2. They are positive optimists. Sometimes it is difficult to be around certain people because they always seem down or negative. You don't have to worry about that with a Sagittarius because they are incurable optimists who look at the glass as always being half full. They live life with a "joie de vivre" (i.e. joy of living). Their positive nature brings them good fortune because they attract people who help them and bring opportunities to their life. They value friendship and their generous nature means you can depend on them to lift your spirits and help you achieve your goals. If you are feeling down, a Sag will come up with an idea or suggestion to make your feel better.

3. They are smart and have lots of interests. They are intellectually stimulating people who are known for having a wide array of interests. They are usually well read and well educated because higher learning is a big part of the Sagittarius experience of questing for knowledge. If you like learning, they have the ability to teach you about the most esoteric topics from Asian art to the teachings of Socrates; from hip-hop music or gangsta rap to DC Comics.

4. They are playful and fun to be with or date. They love to come up with crazy ideas to do in the house or out of it, whether it's playing a game of Monopoly or watching an old 3 Stooges movie. If you like spontaneity and not knowing what's next, Sagittarius will keep you on your toes, guessing what the next adventure they have planned for you. They love doing things on a whim and are up for anything whether its suggesting you need to go right back to your hair stylist because of your bad haircut or running out to see the latest foreign film.

5. They are spontaneous. They are always interesting people because they operate their life with the spirit of discovery, ready to tell you about an exciting book they have read or an adventure they had on their most recent trip. Be ready for them to take you to the museum of history to see the giant hairy mammoths on display or visit the art institute to view the Van Gogh exhibit. If you're in a serious relationship with one, don't be surprised to hear them say, "Pack a big duffel bag; let's fly to Pamplona, Spain for the running of the bulls!" They are never boring, because they always have great stories to tell that often lead to crazy ideas and amazing experiences that will make you laugh.

6. They have a great sense of humor. No sign in the zodiac has a better sense of humor than a Sagittarius! Many of them would be naturals as stand up comediennes whether they are telling a corny joke or a naughty one. They know them all. Even if they are telling you about their latest mis-adventure, they will make you smile or give you good belly laugh that will put you in a better mood.

7. They are (brutally) honest and trust-worthy. Don't ask a Sagittarius what they think, unless you want "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God." They value honesty and will give their opinion without any sugar coating. Yes, they can be a bit too blunt. But they are rarely known to be liars. Because they are so intellectual, they have some well-formed opinions and aren't afraid to express them. Some times their strong beliefs can cause them to go overboard as if they were standing on a soapbox and proselytizing. But they are trusting people, and you can depend on them to tell you when something is wrong. They make great friends who can offer you valuable counsel.

8. They love all types of travel. Sagittarius, are drawn to foreign cultures and traveling to far away places. In fact, many of them are attracted to friends and lovers who are from foreign countries. They have a never-ending wanderlust that makes them restless and constantly in search of opportunities to travel locally or abroad. They have a special talent for embracing new and unfamiliar experiences, which is why traveling to obscure places for adventure does not intimidate them. Their curiosity and confidence makes fun to travel with. They seek out any opportunity that will broaden their world perspective. It is one of the reasons why so many are mature and sophisticated beyond their years.

9. They are great lovers. Sagittarius is a fire sign with boundless energy. They are passionate and often channel their energy through their fiery sexual nature. They can be charming and seductive, especially when intellectually or spiritually engaged by a romantic interest. Many of them have an almost insatiable sexual drive that causes them to seek a wide variety of sexual experiences for fun and adventure. Because they value freedom so much, they may find it difficult to settle down to one relationship. For that reason they don't do well in relationships with partners who are too possessive. But when they are committed, their sense of morals and integrity make them faithful partners.

The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the largest of the planets. Its influence makes a Sag larger and bigger than life in many ways, and one in particular! It may not be popularly known, but many Sag's are known for (either valuing or) having a big sexual organ they enjoy with great pride.

No matter what zodiac sign we were born under, our birthday is a special celebration of our life and the qualities that makes us unique. We all like to be acknowledged for our birthday. So, if today is your birthday or you know of someone born at this time, why not let them know how much they are appreciated.

Happy birthday to all Sagittarius!

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