Jonah Hill

Cue some funny Jules Winnfield-esque rage from the “Pulp Fiction” star.
"Yes Covid put a strain on our friendship, but we are all good," the "Don't Look Up" star wrote.
The couple wore matching head-to-toe looks that the actor described as "glam space twins."
The "Superbad" actor said comments about his physical appearance don't "feel good," regardless of their intent.
The actor and the surfer appear to have been together for more than a month, though it's unclear when or how they met.
An study of on-screen cursing found that "The Wolf of Wall Street" actor used “bad language” 376 times in films.
"I’m sitting between Kobe and my brother and now they’re both gone," the actor wrote with a Lakers game throwback photo he posted on Instagram.
Surprised about Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein being related? These other siblings may have tripped you up, too.
It clicked for a lot of people during the Golden Globes that the "Booksmart" star is Hill's younger sister.