Elizabeth Warren Releases First Ad Of Senate Campaign (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON -- Elizabeth Warren's Senate campaign has released its first television ad: a largely biographical spot that also leans heavily on positioning Warren as a Washington D.C. outsider. It never once mentions her opponent: Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.).

The spot, which a campaign source says will run statewide, is not a direct response to the negative ads that Republican groups -- namely Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS -- are running against Warren. But it does play off of the notion that the consumer advocate's name and reputation are going to be tarred in the months ahead.

"Before you hear a bunch of ridiculous attack ads, I want to tell you who I am," the spot begins.

The ad, in part, is being funded by a backlash to Rove's spot. In an email to supporters, Warren notes that her campaign has raised $300,000 from donors in response to Crossroads GPS, while simultaneously asking recipients for more money.

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