Eminem Raps About Sex With Sarah Palin In New Single "We Made You" (AUDIO NSFW)

Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) has entered another new realm of pop culture, becoming the focus of some crude lyrics in rapper Eminem's latest single.

The track, titled "We Made You," is off Eminem's latest solo album "Relapse," scheduled for release on May 19. It includes references to a range of other celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Ellen Degeneres, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, and Jessica Alba.

Here are Eminem's lyrics about Palin:

Well I can be as gentle and as smooth as a gentleman
Give me my venom, an inhaler, and two Xenadrine,
And I'll invite Sarah Palin out to dinner, then
Nail her. Baby, say hello to my little friend.

Below is the full song, posted by HipHopRx.com (lyrics probably NSFW):

Here's video:

Here are the complete lyrics: