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Empowerment of Women in Africa: Francine Le Frak Fortifies a Stealth Vision Fashion Forward

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Introduction by Nancy Chuda Editor-In-Chief
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I have many friends who plant great seeds for the future but few have actualized their visions internationally. My friend Francine LeFrak began her mission with the horrific news of the 1 million people murdered in Rwanda. Having realized that the women and their children, those that survived, would become lifelong victims of poverty and disease, she decided to make a very big difference in their lives. Francine's Huffington Post article today summarizes how trends in consumerism can lead to a more soulful economy.

" Ten years ago, I started a company in Rwanda to empower the female victims of the 1994 genocide. I did so because I felt powerless to help in any other way. At that time, I had no idea that my desire to give a hand-up, not a handout, and to provide employment to women genocide survivors would lead me to become a prominent voice in the ethical fashion movement." Francine LeFrak . Read More. Cross-Posted from LuxEcoLiving