Enchanting Theatre Troupe Source Material to Preview New Work

By Noah J. Nelson

Put this one on your radar, all you broke LA art kids.

Last year I got excited about the emerging theatre company Source Material and it's piece Into The Fog which played at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It was a physically lyrical affair that skated the line between dance and theatre gracefully.

That troupe, led by founder Samantha Shay, will be presenting a preview of their second original piece at the Avant Los Angeles art party this week.

The second piece is called I Should Have a Party For All The Thoughts I Didn't Say and Shay frames it as a love letter to Russian writer Anton Chekov. Shay has been prepping this piece for some time now, and I'm eager to see what she's cooked up.

The preview isn't the only thing that's on tap at the AvLA party. A slate of musicians (jazz, electronic, vocal) and visual artists will be part of the line-up put together by the avant-garde focused PR firm Pazos Media.

It all unfolds on April 22 at Club Monte Cristo (659 S Westmoreland Ave) in LA's Koreatown. Doors at 7:30P, performances start at 8PM. Admission is free. Age 21 and over, ID required.

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