Eradicating Extreme Poverty by 2030

September is a very busy month on Global scale especially when you find yourself in New York City.

United National 70th General Assembly session is already in session. World leaders from all sorts of countries will be in New York. Most of them will shop and drink expensive wine and go back forget the pledges they will make to end extreme poverty by 2030.

Clinton Global Initiative: yours truly has attended two times as an invited guest of President Bill Clinton take place this month. On this coveted stage business leaders and NGO game changers will make commitments that involve multi million dollars. It's a place where Business leaders, Governments, and NGO leaders meet and network for a common good.

This year I learned about a new gathering that takes place in September and bring more people than UN and CGI combined. This is called Global Citizen Festival an event that bring in more than 60,000 people all willing and making a pledge to end extreme poverty in the world.

I applaud you Hugh Evans for starting this movement and I cannot wait to meet you and all other Global Citizens next week. You are indeed a Global and yes we can end extreme poverty in the next 15 years. Join us!