This Gay Sci-Fic Video Game Is The Perfect Holiday Gift

Will you be able to escape from Pleasure Planet?

If you’re looking for a killer holiday gift for your nephew, best friend, UPS guy ― or for yourself ― look no further than this newly released (and very gay) point-and-click adventure game.

In “Escape From Pleasure Planet” users play as Captain Tycho Minogue, a hero who must fulfill the task of tracking down a “dangerously handsome” criminal named Brutus. The game’s villain, for reasons the player must uncover, is hiding out at Arcadia ― a hedonistic tourist resort also known throughout the galaxy as Pleasure Planet.

Developed by Luke Miller, “Escape From Pleasure Planet” is a sequel to Miller’s previous game “My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant.”

If you ever played and enjoyed classic point-and-click adventure games like “Monkey Island” or “Kings Quest,” then we’re guessing you’re probably going to fall in love with “Escape From Pleasure Planet.”

“I was looking for gay and science fiction themes that were complementary to each other,” Miller said in a press release sent to The Huffington Post. “In the gay community there’s often hedonism combined with repression. The kid from the small country town who goes wild when he moves to the city. In sci-fi there’s often a utopian world with its own terrible secret. Combining the two was an ‘aha!’ moment and I think the twin threads provide a fresh take on each other.”

Check out the trailer for yourself above and head here for more information on “Escape From Pleasure Planet.”