Fascism's Fertile Ground in Colorado?

Caller "David" told the world Friday, or at least the universe listening to Denver's KLZ 560-AM, that "the only way that America can survive long term is to not have Islam within our borders."

If you have any amount of Islam, even if it's 1 million or 2 million or 3 million, it will only grow because people are born into Islam, and they can't leave Islam," continued "David." "There's a death penalty for leaving Islam.  So whether it takes 100 years or 500 years, eventually that number will grow big enough that they will just vote out the Constitution. Listen to KLZ's Dan Muerer here 3.11.16

KLZ's afternoon host David Muerer didn't vomit, gasp at this, or lose his voice, or anything.

'You know, that is really a possibility,' Muerer responded to 'David' on air, 'Because, you know, like others have said:  you can't beat a birthrate.  And I just don't think we're converting them to our side good enough. David, I really appreciate the call.  Thank you so much!'

When he responded to David, Muerer seemed to be hustling toward a commercial break, so I asked him if he really agreed with caller David's bigotry.

'As far as the conversation with (Caller) David goes whether he's a bigot or a man simply stating his fear I have no way of knowing. However, a good argument can be made for everything he is stating in his comments,' Muerer told me via email, inviting me to discuss the topic or any topic on his show.

Muerer went on in his email to partially contradict himself, saying there are "good patriotic American Muslims." This despite hia textbook bigoted belief that a "a good argument can be made" that a certain religion should not be allowed in our country.

Muerer's own inconsistency reflects what you find a lot on talk radio in Colorado: bigotry (especially toward Muslims) here and there, then kind of walked back, but not completely.

And as you listen, you can't help but think that the right fascist could organize the dodging bigots into a terrible force.

Is Trump, with his not-so-veiled Muslim hatred, that organizing force? I don't really think so. He's more of an opportunist and a showman. And his bigotry is muted and self-contradictory, like you find on talk radio.

But Trump definitely shows us how a fascist might start, and talk radio shows us where he could pick up speed.

In any case, here's the rest of Muerer's email to me:

America can't survive as the founders intended or even as we know it today if radical elements are successful. I do believe there are good patriotic American Muslims. In my opinion [American Islamic Forum for Democracy's] Zuhdi Jasser is one of them. Do I agree with everything Mr. Jasser claims? No. Some, in my circles consider Mr. Jasser a threat. I do not. Am I against people from the Middle East? No. I have friends and acquaintances either from the Middle East or that is their heritage. I believe America has a unique culture that is worth preserving and defending.  Am I against the theocracy of Islam as I am against Progressivism, Socialism, and Communism? Yes. I don't want to see America go down the same path as Europe. Islam needs to be stopped before it gets a stronghold in the U.S.