50,000 Working People Are Petitioning Bernie Sanders To A Town Hall Meeting

Will he attend?

Last week, we sent the following invitation to Bernie and his staff and offered to accommodate his schedule. We are waiting for his reply.

Hi Senator,

On behalf of the many thousands of working people who have been inspired by our movement to Draft Bernie for a People’s Party, Dr. Cornel West and I would like to invite you to join us for a town hall on Sept. 9th at American University.

Over the past six months, I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of your most dedicated and talented supporters and volunteers. Working people of all ages, colors, and genders who led their communities in the campaign to elect you president. These are the grassroots leaders who hosted canvasses, phone banked into every state, made social media an organizing hub, and greeted you at clutches. They gave you countless hours and funds that they often could not spare.

Your campaign gave them a common vision and purpose. Now they are united once more in their conviction that our nation needs a new genuinely-progressive party, and that you can create it for us and generations to come. Together, they are extending thousands of hands in invitation to the town hall, a conversation about our shared future as a country.

At the town hall we will discuss one of the greatest questions facing our movement: should we continue our efforts to reform the Democratic Party, or should we launch the new party that the large majority of Americans are calling for?

Please join us for...

The Draft Bernie Town Hall

Saturday, September 98:00-9:30 pm

American UniversityWashington College of Law

Washington D.C.

The town hall will be the feature event of the three-day Convergence Conference that is bringing together hundreds of progressive activists and many organizations to deliberate the same question. Our state and regional field leaders are hosting sister gatherings in nearly every state, where progressives will watch the town hall and participate in local discussions.

At 3:00 pm on Friday, September 8, we will deliver 50,000 signatures asking you to start a people’s party and inviting you to the town hall the next day. It would mean the world to your supporters if you were there to personally accept their petition and invitation to the town hall.


Nick Brana


Draft Bernie for a People’s Party