'Footloose' Trailer Released, Can Remake Live Up To Kevin Bacon Class?

Remaking a classic is hard to do, but that doesn't mean that people will stop trying.

The idea of an updated "Footloose" has been met with skepticism for lovers of the 1984 Kevin Bacon classic.

The story is the same: City boy Ren MacCormack, played by Kenny Wormald, moves to Bomont, West Virgina, he's labeled as trouble, this wanes when he shows off his insane dance moves, then become the point person to overturn the town dance-ban and falls in love with the daughter of a preacher (Dennis Quaid).

With a story like that, you might think, how can you lose? But, still can it live up to a Kevin Bacon's wife-beater wearing choreography? Below is the newest trailer from the remake and the original--you decide which is best.