13 Tweets About 'Fortnite' From Parents Who've Been There

These are too real.

If you know anyone who’s into video games, you’ve probably heard of “Fortnite.”

The game, which involves rebuilding and protecting your homeland by building forts and fending off enemies, has become so popular that parents have hired tutors to help their kids perfect their gaming skills. It’s a bit of a phenomenon, and the craze has motivated the many funny moms and dads of Twitter to share what it’s like to parent in the age of “Fortnite.”

First, you’ve got the parents who simply want to know what the heck the game is even about.

And the ones who totally know it’s taking over their kids’ summer vacations.

Then there’s “the floss,” a dance move that hit the scene a few years ago, but has earned even more attention recently since it’s featured in “Fortnite.” Here’s what it looks like.

And here’s what it’s like when your kid is obsessed with doing it.

Some parents have leaned in to their kids’ hobby by looking at the fun side effects of the game, or by playing it themselves.

But really, a lot of parents are over it.

Hang in there, parents.

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