Fran Drescher Talks About Her Gay Ex-Husband Peter Marc Jacobson

Fran Drescher met her ex-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, in high school, and they married in 1978, when she was just 21. They split after 21 years of marriage and remain close friends--and now both set each other up with men.

In Touch Weekly's press release follows:

Fran Drescher has never been shy about voicing her support for gay rights: In 2008, she and her former husband co-hosted a cocktail party in LA to benefit an organization that has sought to block California's ban on same-sex marriage. But it turns out that the cause was even closer to the Nanny star's heart than her fans could have guessed -- as In Touch can now exclusively reveal, Peter Marc Jacobson, the man to whom Fran, 52, was married for more than two decades, is gay. "Peter and I met when we were 15," Fran tells In Touch. "We were just kids and didn't know who we truly were. We went through a lot together." The couple split for good in 1999, and according to an insider, Peter later came out of the closet to Fran. They continue to collaborate and are still "the best of friends. We love each other dearly," she says. "We have even fixed each other up! I more successfully than him, by the way." They're even working together on a new sitcom based on their relationship. "Peter and I feel so blessed to have met each other and to still have a caring, loving relationship," Fran says. "Love is what we're all about."