13 Important Things To Remember Before You Freak Out About The SAT

News flash: the SAT is not fun -- but you already knew that.

Taking the test can be really stressful and it can feel like the be-all and end-all of your life and your future. But before you freak out about the SATs, here's a few important things to remember that will put the whole ordeal into perspective.

1. Plenty of people do poorly on the SAT and go on to become hugely successful.

In fact, according to The Millionaire Mind, a whole group of surveyed millionaires scored below a 900 out of 1600. Most of these not-so-SAT-savvy students attributed their success in life to "being able to fight for their goals."

2. Thinking about scores is scary, but it used to be worse.

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Students in the past were scored on a five-level scale, where the best score was "excellent." The average score was "Doubtful." Students could even earn a "poor" or "very poor." Ouch.

3. The holidays are almost here. So who cares?

The SAT can't take that away from you.

4. Google (or other future employers) won't care about your score.

In the past, Google asked for job applicants' SAT scores, under the assumption that a person with a higher SAT score would be a better employee. They no longer do, because they found that other factors -- like motivation and independence -- are better predictors of employees' success.

5. And neither will this cow.

He is not moo-oved by any of this.

6. Approximately 800 colleges in America won't require you to send your score.

About 800 colleges in America are "test-optional," according to USA Today. That includes some top tier colleges like Bowdoin College, American University and Wesleyan University.

7. Wait, really?

He's like, "Then why so stressed, human?"

Take that, College Board!

9. Your score doesn't measure what makes you uniquely talented.

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Standardized testing can't judge your character, your talents, your determination, your curiosity. Basically, everything that makes you you.

10. Or your ability to think outside the box.

The SAT also can't judge your creativity. That's kind of a big deal.

11. So, remember, the bubbles you fill with that No. 2 pencil do not represent you.

broken pencil

Besides, literally, who still uses pencils anyway? They're like, old.

12. And, if after all this, the upcoming test still makes you want to hide...

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13. So look on the bright side: You could be taking the College Board exam back in 1925.

Epilepsy is to carpenter as stuttering is to: 1) tongue; 2) minister; 3) cure; 4) stammering; 5) fluttering.

Literally... WHAT?!

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