Let's All Get Naked and Pose like Frozen Chickens

Time to get clucked up.

FrozenChook: The social media craze you didn't know you wanted to be a part of.

Instead of #planking, try something even more daring to boost your online popularity. Strip yourself of all your clothing and pose like a frozen chicken.

We thought we'd let the admins of the hugely popular FrozenChook community Facebook page tell us about the New Zealand-based craze themselves. 

What is a #Frozenchook?

"Is it not obvious? Young adults taking their clothes off and getting into something similar to the fetal position, hence resembling a frozen chicken - its pretty bloody classic if you ask anyone with half a brain."

 How did it begin?

"It was six in the morning after a big night, our mate come's home from another party and tells us to come and find him in 30 seconds. I'm sure you can guess what we found 30 seconds later in middle of the hallway."

 How does one achieve perfect Frozen Chook form?

"There is no perfect form. However we recommend fetal position, on your knees, arms tucked in like chicken wings."

 What are some of the wildest frozen chicken locations?

"Its impossible to pinpoint the wildest #frozenchook. We've had a range of amazing scenic chooks, to extremely risky one's in the city. At the end of the day sometimes less is more - the simplest #frozenchook can have the biggest impact. We're looking forward to summer, it will be a great time to get the chooks out defrosting in the heat."

What's next for the FrozenChook movement?

"World domination." 

So there you have it. Keep it clutch, keep it frozen. #Frozenchook