Funny Story. Just Happened. Part One.

The following story is the first in a series of stories that are all completely unrelated save for the fact that they just happened to Tim Mattingly.

Funny story. Just happened. So I was looking for five quarters to go do my laundry and I could only find two in my giant pile of change I keep on the top shelf of my bedroom desk. So, I scoured the ground below the desk for more. I thought maybe some had fallen off. I didn't find any quarters down there, but I did find my glasses. I had lost them about eight months ago and never got new ones because I thought whatever, I can see fine, I'm not spending the money. I put the glasses on and continued looking for quarters. After not being able to find any more anywhere else in the apartment, I decided to check my pile of change again. I walked toward my desk and at first glance I was like whoa this pile is full of quarters. It's literally brimming with quarters. It's basically nothing but pennies, dimes, and quarters. How did I miss all these quarters? Is my eyesight really that bad? So, I picked up three quarters. Then, I realized they weren't quarters. They were nickels. I just thought they were quarters because with my glasses on, they appeared much larger than the nickels I've been used to seeing for the past eight months. I need glasses.