Funny Wedding Photo Trend Isn't So Funny Anymore

LOOK: It's Time To Put This Trend To Rest

Yup, it's official. This wedding photo trend has gone too far.

It all started with last month's hilarious and insanely viral T-rex-chasing-bridal-party photo from Louisiana photographer Quinn Miller. Some even called it the "best wedding photo ever."

Next came the slightly less funny, but still amusing, "Star Wars" AT-AT walkers incarnation. But with this attempt, uploaded by Reddit user StinkStar on Friday, it's fair to say the trend is over.

We're not exactly sure why a warrior is riding a great white shark that's emerging from the bushes. Or why the bridal party looks less than scared by the over-the-top ordeal. Can we all agree to retire this trend once and for all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Oh HI, Guys!

Wedding Photobombs

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