Leaked 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 Video Reveals Another (Spoiler!) Brutal Wedding Scene

Leaked 'Game Of Thrones' Video Reveals Another (Spoiler!) Brutal Wedding Scene

UPDATE: The leaked video has since been removed from the hosting site.

EARLIER: Earlier this week, photos from the set of "Game of Thrones" Season 5 leaked online. Now, video footage from the set has shown itself, revealing another brutal attack at a wedding.

(Major spoilers for "Game of Thrones" Season 5 and from the books follow. You have been warned!)

The first set of photos appeared to be from the Meereenese storyline from Season 5 and stirred up speculation over Tyrion's storyline in the upcoming season. As Vanity Fair reported, the photos revealed that Tyrion would be meeting up with Dany much sooner than anticipated in the series.

The second group of photos showed Dany, Jorah, Daario and Missendei in Daznak’s Pit, the biggest fighting pits in Meereen, which reopen to celebrate Dany's wedding to Hizdahr zo Loraq (yup, she gets married again). These photos likely allude to a big sequence from the books, when Dany's unrestrained and previously escaped dragon Drogon (the one who burned all the livestock last season) returns to kill a bunch of Unsullied warriors and leave with Dany on his back.

Now, we have video footage of Drogon breathing fire on a group of Unsullied (sans the actual CG dragon), thanks to Spanish "GoT" fan site, Los Siete Reinos. It's a pretty awesome shot, and it even transitions to slow-motion to show the stuntmen battling the flames. Check out the video, which will be another "Game of Thrones" wedding celebration turned traumatic and bloody -- what else do you expect?

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