The One 'Game Of Thrones' Theory You've Been Overlooking

A "GoT" star shares his thoughts with us Little Birds.
We see you back there, Varys.
We see you back there, Varys.

If you thought “Game of Thrones” would come down to Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, the real players may have you wrapped around their “littlefinger.”

While we’ve all been paying attention to dragons (because they’re awesome) and White Walkers (because we’re waiting for the dragons to come back on screen), the actual battle for Westeros is likely taking place in the background.

Recently, The Huffington Post spoke with Conleth Hill, the actor who plays Varys on the HBO series, and asked him if perhaps we’ve all been paying attention to the wrong characters. Are Varys and Littlefinger the ones to watch?

“Very interesting question,“ he said, before teasing a possible meetup in Season 7. “I can tell you that I loved working with Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger), and I can tell you that it’s possible we work together again,” he said, adding, “But not definite.”

Though Hill gets cheeky at the end of his comments, a meetup is almost certainly happening. The two are basically on a collision course, with each playing the role of a master puppeteer.

While “Game of Thrones” theories about Jon Snow’s true parents and Tyrion being a Targaryen capture our attention, one that says the game will actually come down to Varys vs. Littlefinger keeps making more sense.

Remember, Littlefinger is the catalyst for the whole story. After convincing Lysa Arryn to kill her husband and Hand of the King, Jon Arryn, things were set in motion and Ned Stark was called to King’s Landing. Littlefinger has been gaining more and more power ever since.

Now, he’s Lord Protector of the Vale and showed up at the last minute to help Jon Snow’s army defeat the Boltons in Season 6. Though we’re led to believe Sansa’s letter got him to come to the rescue, it’s likely that Littlefinger would’ve shown up to the Battle of the Bastards to finish off Ramsay, anyway.

The guy wants a united North backing him, and he would never have that with the Boltons in power.

Varys has quietly made his own moves to put Dany in power, as Redditor gmnitsua lays out:

He conspired with Illyrio to get Daenerys married to Khal Drogo. Varys conspired with him to get her dragon eggs. Varys conspired with Jorah from the beginning. To me, a lot of her success is owed to Varys.

He also got Tyrion to be Dany’s advisor. Varys originally testified against Tyrion after Joffrey’s murder only to free him and whisk him away to counsel Dany. Then, he shows up in Dorne to get the Tyrells and Sand Snakes on the Mother of Dragon’s side. Dude’s been busy.

Now Varys is with Dany’s fleet heading to Westeros, and Littlefinger is putting doubt in Sansa’s head as Jon Snow becomes King in the North.

George R.R. Martin’s book series that inspired “Game of Thrones” is called A Song of Ice and Fire. With Dany, Varys is controlling the fire. With the Starks, Littlefinger is trying to control the ice.

Winter is coming, peeps. Aw hells Snow.

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