Rep. George Santos Reportedly Told Campaign Donors He Produced 'Spider-Man' Musical

Spoiler alert: He lied.

The hits just keep on coming for Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) ― or should we say the lies.

Bloomberg is reporting that Santos told some potential donors during his 2022 congressional campaign that he produced the 2011 Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.”

Spoiler alert: He lied.

An assistant to Michael Cohl, who actually was the producer of the musical, told Bloomberg that Santos was not a producer of the show.

In addition, his name never appeared in the playbills for the show, which lost tens of millions of dollars for investors and suffered from technical mishaps and actor injuries during its run from 2011 to 2014.

HuffPost reached out to the freshman congressman’s office for comment, but no one immediately responded.

However, the truth-challenged congressman from Long Island has previously and falsely claimed that, among other things, he was Jewish and the descendent of Holocaust survivors, he was a volleyball champion at Baruch College and he once worked at Goldman Sachs.

Twitter users had thoughts about reports of the latest Santos falsehood.

On Thursday, Talking Points Memo posted an audio clip between Santos and Derek Myers, a journalist and prospective staffer that Santos ultimately decided not to hire.

“I’ve made bad judgment calls, and I’m reaping the consequences of those bad judgment calls,” Santos said in the audio, before discussing his dealings with his chief of staff, Charley Lovett

“I’ve obviously fucked up and lied to him, like I lied to everyone else,” Santos later added, apparently referring to Lovett. “And he still forgave me and gave me a second shot, unlike some other people.”

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