Hunter Displays Sad Foxsicle As Frigid Warning

The hapless fox apparently broke through the ice and drowned.

A picture is often worth way more than 10,000 words, especially when someone is trying to make a point about just how cold it is in Europe.

This hapless fox apparently broke through the ice and drowned in the frigid waters of the Danube in southern Germany. A local hunter cut out a block of ice holding the frozen furry body Jan. 2 — then decided to photograph it and display it outside his Fridigen hunting lodge to demonstrate how dangerous the river can be during cold weather.

Hunter Johannes Stehle hopes the arresting display serves as a warning of the dangers of thin ice, he told Bild and the German news agency DPA on Friday. (”Dieser Fuch ist eine Warnung!” says the newspaper headline.)

Stehle said he wasn’t surprised to spot the frozen fox. “Once I discovered a deep-frozen deer, and wild boar I have found three or four times already in the last 40 years,” he told DPA.

Southern Germany’s Baden-Württemberg state, where Stehle lives, is experiencing bitter cold like much of Europe, where extreme weather has killed more than 60 people this month.