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17 Ways To Get More From Your Cardio Workout

By Joe Vennare

Love it or hate it, cardio workouts are essential to overall health and critical for athletic performance. Fortunately, getting a killer cardio workout doesn’t have to mean suffering through mile after mile on the track or trail. Check out these scientifically-backed tips to hack your workout and start seeing results -- fast.

Up And Running -- Your Action Plan
A typical cardio workout elevates the heart rate, helps improve lung efficiency, and burns a whole lot of calories and fat. And the good news is there are ways to get even more out of that workout. In addition to the non-negotiables (read: proper workout nutrition and hydration, along with a solid warm-up and cool down), here are 17 ways to get to work -- and see better results than ever.

Get More Out Of Cardio

With all these cardio workouts to choose from, it might be possible to overdo it. Don't get carried away. Instead, take 24-48 hours off before training the same muscle groups. Make time to foam roll key areas like the hamstrings, quads, calves, groin and back. The payoff: better recovery, increased muscle growth and being better prepared for that next workout.

How do you push the limits of your cardio workouts? Tell us in the comments.

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