Getting To The Gym When Tired Or Unmotivated

Getting To The Gym When Tired Or Unmotivated
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How many times have you knew you were going to the gym but thought you were too tired and unmotivated. Well, you're not alone. This is a very common thing to happen whether it be morning or evening.


We all go through this on a daily basis. Mornings can be the worst since you are just waking up and your body is stiff and sore and doesn't want to move. Every year this gets worse for me and takes a good hour to feel right. Getting up and having a good breakfast allows you to wake up and begin to feel fresh. A sound night sleep really helps but what I'm finding out is that most have sleep issues and don't sleep. This is one of the most important things.



But motivation is key. You really have to reach down inside and pull that out and go. Think of why you are going and the results you will get. Results from training are visable and you carry them around where everyone can see them.


So that's mornings and if you work all day you either have to go to the gym really early before work or after 5 when it's really crowded. In that case you are pretty tired from work and feel just like taking a nap. I've had that situation so I'd usually eat something then go and after my first set I was ready to work out. It fired me up and I felt great. After the workout I even felt energized.



There were times when I first started working out that after a full day's work I'd go to the gym after 9 at night and stay till 11:00 pm. All my friends were out having fun and I was in the gym. They would all make fun of me but I had the last laugh because now I went to our 50th reunion and I was the only one who looked much younger and in shape. They all told me I'd turn to fat by the time I was 30. Don't get me wrong, I love these guys but we all choose different paths and according to the people I grew up with, bodybuilders were freaks. Now in 2016 fitness, muscle and 6 packs are the ultimate goal. I was ahead of my time.



So bottom line is think positive and get up and go no matter what. The results will carry you through life and you'll not only feel better but look better. How can you go wrong with that. The 7o's is the new 5o's and this is what we strive for. Lazy does not exist in our world!

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